Saturday, December 24, 2022

MErry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Today's card is what I sent out for Christmas...kind of!
Because I've been busy this year (who hasn't?!) I decided to do something my mom suggested a while back. Paint a picture and make that into my Christmas card, so that's what I did!
The only problem is the "Merry Christmas" is a protected image and can't be copied...and of course I remembered after I stamped the image! That's when I put my photo editing program to use and managed to get it off.
The next thing I did was find a place that let me add my own picture onto my Christmas card and found a design that I liked. This is what it looked like. I don't like how it made the bottom dark, but I guess to make the words show that's what had to be done.
Have a blessed Christmas!
Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Supplies used on this card:
I used my Scratchmade DaVinci Watercolor Palette and My American Journey Artists' Watercolor Voyager Set to create this card. To be honest I don't remember what colors I used from each set, but just mixed some colors ahead of time, then mixed more if I ran out.
No, I am not an affiliate of either of these (the links might have affiliates though), just thought you might want to know what I used and where they came from. 

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