Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Friday Sunset

Last Friday when I was heading home from work the sky was an amazing mix of colors!  I wanted to sit down to try and recreate it, but this card just doesn't do it justice!  There was a ball of fire on the horizon (the sun had just gone down and the colors were still shooting up from it) and there was a pink stripe of light shooting up above it high into the sky.  Then on each side of this the sky was purple.  It also had horizontal stripes of pink throughout the sky.  I don't like how they turned out on my card though. :(  Well they're actually not too bad on the card, but they turned out really dark in the pic and that's what I don't like.  Anyway thought I'd share the beauty I saw in creation that evening.

I'm also entering this in the Sunday Stamps sketch challenge.  I needed a sketch that was wide open to do this on and it was perfect!  I guess it's a pretty dark card, but it was also pretty dark when I saw the sky. :)

Just a couple more pics. :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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  1. I think you did a fabulous job recreating a beautiful sunset...really. :) It feels very warm and peaceful. Thanks for joining us at Sunday Stamps!

  2. Great story and a great card. Even though I didn't see that sunset, I still want to recreate it. Last Monday I had the good fortune to be driving west at 4:00 and the sun was low in the cloudy sky and was shining like a bright hazy sun, with 2 beautiful rainbows (moondogs) on either side peeking through holes in the clouds. Never saw anything so interesting and beautiful. Wish I could recreate it in a card. Was bummed I had left my phone and camera at home, which is unthinkable, or I would have stopped to take a photo.

  3. Thanks, Mary! Sounds like what you saw was amazing! I'm always watching for something beautiful outside to try and recreate it. Easier said than done at times though. I was just lucky enough to see it when I did. I have about a five minute drive home and it was gone when I got there. Glad I pulled out my phone even though it takes bad pics. Sorry you didn't have something there to take a pic of what you saw. :( Thanks for sharing it though. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is amazed at what I see at times and just have to have a pic! :)

  4. Wow! What a stunning card! I absolutely love everything about it. And I love how you've recreated a beautiful scene from your world. Thanks for playing along at Sunday Stamps!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I love to create scenes that I've seen outside even though I don't get to do it very often.

  5. It's next to impossible to capture the beauty of nature but, without having seen it myself, I think you did did a great job. Beautiful card.


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