Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elegant Butterfly Birthday Swap and Convention Pics

Today's card is another swap I received at convention from Gwen E.  Definitely a cute way to showcase the 2013-2015 In Colors.  I thought it would be the perfect card for my niece's 12th b-day too, so I added a white base since this card was cut to fit on the base sheet also.  Definitely gotta love that!  

And since I'm talking about convention I thought I'd show you a few more pics of my time there...

This is the view outside our hotel window.  The mountains don't look very big in the picture, but in person they were a lot bigger.

This is me with my upline Glenda and her friend Belinda.  They've been going to SU! conventions for quite a few years together now.  Every year since I've been a part of Stampin' Up! I've heard all about it and was SO excited to go this year!  Thanks for letting me tag along and have some fun, Belinda and Glenda! :)

This is another friend of Glenda's...France.  They met a few years back on a Stampin' Up! cruise and have been friends ever since.  How great is that?!  A friendship that has lasted even though they are thousands of miles apart (and, yes, I was happy to get a pic with the famous Stampin' Up! Demo France Martin!)

I randomly took pictures of many of the samples they had up on boards.  Notice how they are all in the shape of letters.  I never did figure out what any of them spelled. lol  When I get some time I'd like to zoom in on the cards and see them close up.  I know there's a lot of great ideas for cards on these boards. :)

This is Glenda pointing to the card she made for regionals in Lansing last November.  I found mine too (actually Glenda found it), but Glenda has the picture of me pointing to mine, so I thought I'd put her pic up instead. lol

Oh, the dreaded prize patrol!!!  Yes, I cringed every time there was a drum roll before the color popped up on the screen.  Now why didn't Gumball Green get chosen first instead of one of the last?  Then I wouldn't have been so worried all the time about all that standing, waving and clapping we're supposed to do.  It would have been over and done with right away! lol  When Gumball Green was called I did stand and clap....and thankfully they gave me my "prize" pretty quickly. lol

I hope you enjoyed a few of my pics from Stampin' Up! Convention 2013. :)

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  1. Very pretty card and your pictures are wonderful! LOL! I can just see you on the edge of your seat waiting for it to be over!! Fantastic prize too!!


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