Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Love You ~ A Fun Stampers Journey Card

Today's card is special because I made it for my hubby for our 26th Anniversary!  This year I decided to create a sponged scene.

How did I create this scene?  I started by ripping a piece of scrap paper so I had some mountain shapes.  As you can tell I used the top piece of scrap paper shown below to put over the top of my card stock while I sponged the mountains.  I started with my lightest color and finished with my darkest.  What do I mean by that?  I started with Cool Pool and sponged the mountains all the way down to the bottom of my piece of card stock.  Every time I added ink to my sponge I would start at the top of my mountains and work my way down.  That way the mountain tops are getting most of the ink and turning darker than the rest of the card stock.  However I decided I wanted the bottom of the card stock darker too with the middle area a little lighter.  I don't know why because I don't know a thing about shadowing (or whatever it's called! lol).  I just wanted that look so that's what I did.  I kept adding darker colors, working my way from the top of the mountain to the middle and the bottom of the card stock up to the middle (but didn't get the bottom of the card stock as dark as the top of the mountains).  After Cool Pool I added Beach Breeze, then Blue Lagoon and finished it with Catalina Splash.  Each time I added a color in I made sure I didn't go down as far as the color before it.   

I kind of did the same thing for the sky.  I use the bottom piece of scrap paper from above to cover the mountains and punched out a 1-1/4" circle for the moon.  Once those were in place I sponged the whole sky with Cool Pool.  Once I had an even layer of Cool Pool I went over it again with Cool Pool, but didn't go as close to the moon or the tops of the mountains.  Next I sponged Beach Breeze starting at each corner and worked my way in, but once again stayed away from the moon and mountain tops.  Then onto Blue Lagoon starting in the corners and working my way in making sure I didn't go in quite as far.  I finally finished it off with Catalina Splash.  I pretty much just sponged that color in the corner and that's about it.  Totally clear right? lol  One of these days I plan to start making videos.  Hopefully you'll like that. :)

If you could see the card in person you would notice how one color flows into the other and the color is more intense!  I just have to say I love how these blues look together! :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Supplies used on this card

Stamp Sets:
Stay Wild p. 69 (AT-0207) $7.95
Wonderful Day (sentiment) p. 62 (SS-0126) $18.95
Card Stock:
Black Licorice p. 289 (CS-0003) $6.95
Blue Lagoon p. 289 (CS-0004) $6.95
Buttercream p. 288 (CS-0006) $6.95
Ink Pads:
Black Licorice p. 289 (IP-0041) $7.95
Cool Pool p. 288 (IP-0074) $7.95
Beach Breeze p. 289 (IP-0044) $7.95
Blue Lagoon p. 289 (IP-0002) $7.95
Catalina Splash p.288 (IP-0073) $7.95
Circle Punch 1.25" p. 267 (TO-0014) $7.95
Fusion Ink Sponges p. 274 (JM-0014) $4.95


  1. This is beautiful Sara! I love the colors!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! For some reason your comments never get sent to my email like everyone else's notifying me of a comment! You seem to comment first, but I don't see it until I'm in blogger looking at unpublished comments. No idea why that happens...err! And thanks for the anniversary wishes too! :)

  2. What a beautiful card! You explained very well. I'd love to have you start doing videos all!!

    1. Thanks, Wilma! :) I will have to work on getting videos made. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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