Monday, October 3, 2016

Autumn Birthday ~ A Fun Stampers Journey Card

I love fall because of all the beautiful colors that I get to see on the trees.  That means I also love making fall cards especially ones with leaves from the Fun Stampers Journey stamp set Autumn Days!  I made today's card special for anyone who placed and order with me in September.  I wrote a thank you, tucked it in the card and mailed it out so they have a card to send someone when they need it. :)  I'll be sending out cards again the beginning of November for anyone who orders from me in October.

I made the leaves using Pan Pastels, Pumpkin Bread Ink and Shimmer Gold Color Splash.  I have a picture tutorial below on how I made these cards.

You never know how your leaves are going to turn out using Pan Pastels!

I love the variation of colors on each of the leaves.

I could NOT get the Shimmer Gold Splash to show when I turned the cards to the left!

Ok I'm finally getting to the picture tutorial here.  When I started using Pan Pastels I was afraid my leaves weren't going to turn out that great (you'll see what I mean when you see the first few pics below), but with just a few steps I had some leaves that I thought were very pretty and full of shimmer...which we know they really don't have, but I had to add anyway! :)

I started with a couple of pieces of Butter Cream card stock and randomly rubbed Pan Pastels all over the card stock.  On the top sheet I put it on with circular strokes and the bottom one I put it on with straight strokes.  I used Dairylide Yellow, Burnt Sienne and Magenta Extra Dark from the Rich Sorbet set and Permanent Red Shade, Red Iron Oxide Ex. Dark, Hansa Yellow Ex. Dark (looks olive green to me!) and Perm. Green Ex. Dark from the Mother Nature set.

Doesn't look that great does it. :(  The colors are actually darker, but the flash from my camera made them appear a lot lighter than they are.

Next I stamped my leaves using True Color Fusion Ink Pumpkin Bread.

Yup, still looks kind of blah, doesn't it?!  It will get better!

This is where the magic starts to happen!  I spritzed them both with Shimmer Gold Journey Splash and bam! they looked great! I also used the splash like the silks because I don't have them yet.  I wanted gold "dots" or "splats" here and there on my leaves. I know...I need to improve a lot on my photography skills because these pics surely don't look that great, but they did in person! lol

I did fill in the first sheet with a few more leaves like the second one so I didn't waste any paper. 

Here's a few more pics of the leaves up close after I cut some of them out and hopefully they look better!  For some reason pictures don't look as nice when I put them on my blog versus when they're in Picasa.  Oh well, I still like how my cards turned out! :)

I almost forgot the final touches.  I cut a piece of Oatmeal Cookie card stock at 3-3/4" x 4-7/8" and a piece of Pumpkin Bread card stock at just under 3-7/8" x 5".  To get the square and paper piercing I used the Journey Squares Die Templates.  I used the biggest square that has the paper piercing holes in it and the second biggest square to cut out the square opening.  So basically I centered the paper-piercing square on my Oatmeal Cookie card stock at the top (since I wanted about an extra inch or so at the bottom), then put the square die inside the paper-piercing one and cut them together.  Then I attached the Oatmeal Cookie card stock to the Pumpkin Bread card stock.  Now that they are together I can cut out the square in the Pumpkin Bread piece simply by lining up the square die over the opening since it will line up. :)  Wrap some Journey Natural Thread around the bottom like pictured and tie it together with a bow.  Attach all of this to a Butter Cream card base with Journey Foam squares and attach leaves with glue dots.  For the birthday tag I just cut a couple of thin pieces of card stock in Butter Cream and Pumpkin Bread and stamped Happy Birthday with Oatmeal Cookie.  I snipped the ends with my Details Pro Shears and attached it with more Journey Foam Squares.  Ok, I think that's it...whew! 

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Supplies used on this card:

Stamp Sets:

Autumn Days p. 70 (SS-0006) $17.95
Autumn Days Bundle that includes the Die p. 70 (BD-0054) $30.50
Sentimental Prints p. 206 (SS-0072) $19.95

Card Stock:

Buttercream p.  288 (CS-0006) $6.95
Pumpkin Bread p. 289 (CS-0098) $6.95
Oatmeal Cookie p. 288 (CS-0023) $6.95
Ink Pads:

Pumpkin Bread p. 289 (IP-0057) $6.95
Oatmeal Cookie p. 288 (IP-0011) $6.95

Autumn Days Die if not bought as a bundle p. 70 (DI-0118) $15.95
Journey Gold Splash p. 290 (IP-0081) $7.95
Journey Natural Thread p. 310 (AC-0013) $5.95/68 yds.

Rich Sorbets Pan Pastels p. 280 (JM-0082) $49.95
Mother Nature Pan Pastels p. 280 (JM-0080) $49.95
Journey Squares (die templates) p. 254 (DI-0038) $24.95


  1. Hello Sara, I received the card you sent. How pretty. Thank you.

    1. Great, Betty! Glad you like it. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    2. Great, Betty! Glad you like it. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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