Friday, November 18, 2016

Autumn Days Birthday ~ A Fun Stampers Journey Card

Do you ever feel like you're in a slump with your creativity?  I'm sure most of us have!  Let me tell you I sure have felt that way this week and haven't created much at all. :(  Maybe I just needed a break.  Today's card is one that I created earlier this month for my open house.  I wouldn't call it a fall card even though it has leaves on it.  Guess I was looking for  more of a masculine card since my other card was a feminine one.

I started by stamping a background stamp with Oatmeal Cookie.  I didn't try to get the whole stamp inked up.  I just wanted color here and there.  After that I stamped all the leaves.  To get the various colors I started by stamping the whole stamp using the Oatmeal Cookie ink pad, then I tipped the stamp so I was just getting the edges in the ink, using both Dark Roast and Black Licorice.  After I had all three colors on  it then I would stamp it.  Not sure if that makes sense, but that's how I got the different colors. :)

After stamping everything I put a bit of Gold Silk on it and finished assembling the card.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Supplies used on this card

Stamp Sets:
Autumn Days p. 70 (SS-0006) $17.95
Graduated Dots p. 230 (SS-0117) $12.95
Tag Elements p. 199 (AT-0130) $7.95
Card Stock:
Black Licorice p. 289 (CS-0003) $6.95
Dark Roast p. 288 (CS-0091) $6.95
Buttercream p. 288 (CS-0006) $6.95

Ink Pads:
Oatmeal Cookie p. 288 (IP-0011) $7.95
Black Licorice p. 289 (IP-0041) $7.95
Dark Roast p. 288 (IP-0050) $7.95

Mini Wooden clothespins p. 308 (AC-0029) $4.95
Journey Natural Thread p. 310 (AC-0133) $5.95


  1. I like this card. I am curious about the gold silk. Is that a product you sell? And also how did you apply it?

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks, Shirl! Yes, gold silk is a product that Fun Stampers Journey sells. They also sell silver, bronze and about 10 other colors. :) It's comes looking just like a nail polish bottle. When you open it, it looks like you can put it right on your nails. When I apply it I wipe a little off on the neck of the bottle (yup, like nail polish), hold it with my right hand and gently tap it with my left pointer finger. Or I just tap it with my right pointer finger when I'm holding it. Hold that makes sense! :)


Thank you for your comments. I read everyone! If you ever wonder how I've made something I'd be glad to let you know! Sara

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