Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Santa - Part II

Here's Christi, the wonderful lady that was my Secret Santa.

Here are the gifts she gave me at the party...

She took an ice cream container, decorated it, then filled it with goodies.  Looks like she enjoys making 3x3 cards too. :)  I'm definitely going to be using her idea for "wrapping" a candy bar.  I love it! 

She also gave me this wonderful smelling candle. 


~Here are just a few of the gifts she gave me over the last month~

This is a cute way to give candy.  Guess I should have taken the picture before I ate it all!

Love the cute notebook purse! I really a Grinch? need of Grinch pills!

I guess not! :)

Christi~ Thanks so much for all the wonderful gifts and the time you put into each one. :)

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