Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Santa - Part I

I decided to be a part of Secret Santa, and I'm glad I did!  I picked Rachel Verbrugge and had a great time making and buying gifts for her.

Here's a gift card holder I made for her.  It was one of our challenges from Glenda for this month.  I figured why not include it in with the Secret Santa reveal. :)

I'm excited to finally be able to post some of the things I made for her!  Didn't want to let her know who I was (for sure) until after the reveal. ;)  I had a lot of fun making everything.

I bought a gift bag and decided to make a 3x3 card to match it. 

 I also made a few gift tags that I've been wanting to try, but never did until now.

Very easy gift tags to make!

I really got hooked on 3x3 cards when I did a card exchange a couple of months ago.  These cards are one of the gifts I gave Rachel in her reveal present.  

 I loved how these turned out, but didn't want all the cards to be the same.  I decided to reverse the colors for a little variety.  I made her gift card holder to match these. :)

Yup, I definitely had a fun time with all of this.  Glad I could be your Secret Santa, Rachel!

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