Friday, October 4, 2013

Art Prize

Well today I don't have a card to show you.  I was gone Tuesday and working in my yard a lot on Wednesday and yesterday.  It was such beautiful weather out for October I couldn't resist being outside!  So more about Tuesday...I went to Art Prize with my hubby and had a look around.  We didn't even come close to seeing everything, but we enjoyed walking around Grand Rapids checking out what we could.  I figured I'd share some pictures of what we saw...

These are the first pieces we saw at the GRAM.  I have to say I love his work (because I love flowers).  They are made of hand blown glass and steel.  He drove them here from Seattle, Washington...yikes!  Not sure if the whole group or only one of the pieces is in the top ten.

This was also in the GRAM.  I actually took it to show my son because he's a hunter.

I took this pic to show my oldest daughter.  She thinks my cards have way too much white in them.  Well, I happen to really like this piece so I must like the white and light colors. :)

These pandas are made out of bike tires...hence the name Tired Pandas. :)  This is another top 10 finalist.

Sorry if you see a few blurry blurbs in my pics.  I want to respect people's privacy so I blur them out a bit.  It gets kind of hard to take pics at times because some areas are so full of people.

This was a top 25 winner.  Even though the top ten had been chosen and this wasn't one of them, we noticed the artist still sitting by his work and talking with people. :)

Talk about a lot of sequins and pins!!!

This had a lot of positive messages all over this...and it's obviously in the shape of a heart. :)

I don't remember what this was called, but it liked to shoot out fire!

We could feel the heat from where we were standing and it was NOT close! lol

I thought that it was kind of funny that this was right by the fire breathing dragon! lol

No idea what this is, but it had moving parts. Wish I had stuck around to see a little more.  I think it was one of the top 25.

I saw a lot of people walking around with these twirly pieces, so they must have had lots of them made up to sell.

This was kind of cool.  First you take a pic without your flash...

Then you take it with your flash.  
I do want to point out that even though I thought some things were pretty neat it does not mean I agree with all that they stand for!

Loved this pic! 

I really liked these pics too, but the glare from the light made it hard to take a good picture of them.

I kept seeing pictures of this on every one's fb page and I was wondering what it was about. 

I guess  they were supposed to change the color of the water...when the sun was shining.  I managed to see a little of the color. :)

I just liked this pic so I added it. :)

LOVE this!  

I wasn't sure what way was up on this picture.  That's why I thought it was pretty neat.

This whole picture was made with peanut shells!

Lots of crocheting and knitting in this piece of art.  If I remember correctly it has 26 pounds of yarn.

This is one big fish! 

And I would NOT want to be kissed by it! lol

Earth Giant - just fishing away.  Another top 10 finalist.

Since I love dogs I had to take a pic of this.  Looks like a pretty nice fort if you ask me.  Even looks like it might have a stove in it. :)

Another top 10 finalist.  It was outside the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

I think this had lighthouses from all over Michigan on it.  I wouldn't get too close because there were a lot of news cameras around this area because three of the top ten pieces were here.


Another top 10 at the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

Last piece we saw.  I was getting hungry and it was getting busy since it was after five and such nice weather out.

If you managed to make it through all my pics, and you'd like to see the top ten entries click HERE.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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  1. AMAZING photos!! I haven't been to an art showing in ages and your pictures reminded me of how much I love them!


Thank you for your comments. I read everyone! If you ever wonder how I've made something I'd be glad to let you know! Sara

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